Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quick update: Korea and some rambling

Hi, assalamualaikum.

Most people know I'll be leaving for Seoul this 19th.


Aku tak faham kenapa aku seakan tak excited langsung pasal trip yang tak membabitkan negara seperti Singapore, Indonesia dan Thailand ini?

Seriously, I was excited like few months back, but as the date is nearing, I'm feeling nervous and scared at the same time.


Just pray that everything will be fine. Just fine.

Next trip planned:

1. Lombok (24 Feb- 27 Feb 2016)
2. Bandung (13 Mac-16 Mac 2016)
3. Mabul (22 April-26 April 2016)

Anyway, since I made a fuss about losing weight this coming November, Sheila asked me this.
Sakit nya tuh di sini. 

P/S: Aku konpius nak nangis tepi bucu katil ke nak gelak guling guling. =,="

11 October 2015
0155 hrs